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To use your own domain, you must be able to add a CNAME record with your domain provider.

Please note that this is a fully automated process. We do not manually add your domain to our systems, thus, we have no control on how long this process may take. Usually, your domain is ready within 24 hours, but most of the time much sooner.

By default, we assign a random subdomain to your base when you sign up. You may change the slug, but it will remain a subdomain to

This gives you an easy way to quickly get started. If you want to use your own domain, e.g. "", head over to your domain settings. Scroll down to the section "Custom Domain" and enter the domain you want to use. You can omit the https part.

After you added your domain, the setup instructions will be shown to you. The setup is simple and you only need to add a new CNAME record to your domain. After you added this record you need to wait a little bit. This change now propagates around the world and, depending on your domain provider, may take a few hours.

Our automated scripts now regularly check your domain for the existance of the CNAME record. When this happens, we'll add your domain to our server setup, issue a valid Let's Encrypt certificate and when done, notify you via email.

If you are using Cloudflare, make sure you disable their proxy (orange cloud). If the proxy is enabled, we won't be able to identify your CNAME entry.

When your domain is ready, you will be notified via email and also see a green message in your backend.

In some cases you will receive the message even though your domain is not fully encrypted yet. We're still trying to figure out why this happens. If you received an automated message from us, stating your domain is ready but it is not encrypted yet, please keep waiting 5-10 more minutes.

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